Army Organization

Breakdown of the composition of the Army and its 3 brigades.

1st Brigade

First Brigade Composition of Staff: 

Brigade Commander - Brigadier General M1sterTyrant

7th Line Infantry Commanding Officer -
Colonel iiBriansleepz36ix

5th Infantry Commanding Officer - Colonel RyderKalinius

Marines Commanding Officer - Colonel DeathKalinius


The First Brigade compromises of the Infantry regiments. 


2nd Brigade

Second Brigade Composition of Staff:

Brigade Commander -
Brigadier General Bast2k

1st Pennsylvania Rifles Commanding Officer - Colonel OurCommandant

Green Mountain Boys Commanding Officer - Colonel JefferyPhobic

3rd Continental Artillery Regiment Commanding Officer - Colonel IcarusCaeleste


The 2nd Brigade is the composition of 3 regiments, the 1st Pennsylvania Rifles, The Green Mountain Boys, and 3rd Artillery. Known as the special weapons brigade, this consists of elite skirmisher regiments that specialize in long range warfare and marksmanship with their rifles and shiv of choice. 

3rd Brigade

3rd Brigade Composition of Staff: 

Brigade Commander - Brigadier General YomoTyrant

Military Police Commanding Officer - Colonel NapoleonicTyrant

Commander In Chiefs Guards Commanding Officer - Colonel Bilinics

Continental Light Dragoons Commanding Officer - Colonel Twonkalicous



The 3rd Brigade consists of the special operations regiments. Regiments with a special tool or purpose. The Military Police focus on enforcing ML, CICG protects our Headquarters. and Dragoons has funny vroom vroom horses. We don't question this description.