Officer Information

This chapter describes how to become an officer, decommissions or leaving your regiment, and Military Police power's for Hicom.

Becoming a Commissioned Officer

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Becoming an officer in the CA requires much experience. An officer is the leader of the CA, and is expected to meet expectations of a good leader and posses good qualities of one.

To become an officer in the CA, you must be ranked a Master Sergeant in the CA.

From there, you must follow any requirements/meet all expectations that your respective Major General and/or Brigadier General have set.

All commissions must be approved by both your Colonel as well as your Brigadier General.


Additional Notes: 

If you are a retired officer seeking to get your commission back, you must have been decommissioned less than a 3 weeks prior. If so, you may get your commission back. Anyone exercising this rule still must meet all expectations and meet all requirements set by both your Major General and Brigadier General.

Decommissions / Leaving Your Regiment

Only a Brigadier General+ may commission and decommission people. If anyone else commissions / decommissions someone it is counted as corruption. Officers will be set to the rank of Staff Sergeant upon getting a decommission.

Any other rules about leaving your regiment are set by your Major General and Brigadier General. Please view whatever rules they have set regarding these matters.

Officer Ranks

Is not an official Officer, they are MSGTs taking the OA and thus have NCO permissions. They may not enter the OA, nor may they use any rights specific to an Officer. When someone leaves their regiment as a Lieutenant+ they get demoted to Ensign until they join another regiment.

A fully commissioned Officer. They have passed their OA and now have gained Officer rights. They also gain the right to enforce regimental law.

Senior Officers within a regiment. No different permission to a Lieutenant.

Unofficial HICOM, there may only be a max of two Majors per regiment, any more require HQ approval.

Lieutenant Colonel 
The Executive Officer (XO) of a regiment 2nd only to the Commanding Officer (CO). There may only be one XO per regiment. An XO is now officially HICOM and create regimental laws. These may only be enforced by Regimental Officers. 

The Commanding Officer (CO) of a regiment. They lead the regiment and have the authority to run it as they see wish within the guidelines of ML and HQ.