The Continental Army handbook.

Military Law

In here the rules of the Continental Army are defined in order to create a better environment for everyone.

Military Law

Addressing the ranks

You must address Militia to Master Sergeant by their rank, you may shorten their ranks such as "MSGT" instead of "Master Sergeant".

You must address any Commissioned Officer (Ensign - General) as "Sir" or "Ma'am" accordingly as a sign of respect for their dedication and hard work they have contributed to the group.

(New) Developers may be addressed as their rank or by their name.

You may address any rank lower than yours by their rank or name.

Military Law

Ranks & their powers

NCO+ may enforce the law by using their detain tool and giving orders to people below their rank. NCO+ may give NJPs. They may use their discipline cane on someone as a warning for people that break the law, they must verbally include the reason why they hit someone. 

MPs may enforce the law whenever someone breaks the law, including higher ranks. They may handcuff a person and put him in a cooling off period, in which the MP officer may detain someone for up to 5 minutes. Leaving in cuffs during this 5-minute period will result in an insubordination charge. They also have the website at their disposal, they may not give a disciplinary order on top of a report, they may give only one. They also are allowed to put Militia & Enlistments in jail for 5 or 10 minutes following procedure after they've been given a warning. Militias & Enlistments aren't expected to know the entire Military Law and therefore should be warned first before they are put in prison.

Officers have MP powers as well; they are responsible for enforcing the law within the CA. On top of that they are responsible for law within their regiment. A Colonel may make up certain rules that must be enforced only within their regiment. Officers can use all the tools the MPs have at their disposal plus the ability to demote people not in regiments. They're also responsible for maintaining the discord and must thus have the ability to kick / mute / ban people. Officers are also expected to have loyalty to the CA and must put the CA before other groups and report any possibility of treason to HQ.

Ensigns are no longer Officers; they are now for Master Sergeants taking the OA. The rank will serve as an Officer Cadet rank of sorts. They will receive NCO rights until they pass the OA, in which doing so will they receive the rank of Lieutenant. Ensigns no longer have Officer rights. Lieutenant+ are now considered Officers. 

HICOM have the ability to set laws within their regiment, these are enforceable by regimental officers.

Only Headquarters members have permission to clear non-officers for the officer area.

Only Developers, The Commanding General, The Major General, and irongamer45 are immune to all laws, all other HQ members are not immune from ML but any reports on any HQ member will be handled by The Commanding General, irongamer45, and the Major General. HQ may give custom HQ punishments. HQ also has the power to open an investigation, in which they may compel people to give the truth. When people lie during an HQ investigation, they may be banned for 2 months from the CA. HQ is responsible for keeping the group together and therefore get special powers that are meant to be used responsibly.

Military Law


You may use your rights at any time without the fear of punishment. Threatening to punish someone for using their rights will be seen as corruption. Military Police Officer+ may temporarily take away your rights during a state of emergency.

Military Law

Admin Privileges

Enforcement of the Military Law and execution of duties may require admin commands to be used. Therefore some people will be trusted with admin privileges. Corporal+ may be given admin by an officer and Master Sergeant+ gets admin automatically. The rule of thumb is to use the least amount of admin commands to accomplish your goal. This means that if there is ever a situation where you are required to use admin in a way that is not listed in here then it is allowed if you can explain your reasoning and why you couldn't use alternatives. We can't prepare for everything but the guidelines below should be followed as closely as possible, to prevent confusion. Please note that you can't use these commands just because you're allowed to, you need to have a valid reason for executing any admin command. In a case where an admin command is used where it doesn't cause any harm to the CA and follows good reason, no punishment shall be served.

I. Following commands may be used by anyone

II. The following commands may be used during training.

III. The following commands may be used for law enforcement purposes. (MP or Officer+)

IV. The following commands may be used by a Brigadier General+

Military Law

Class System

If somebody commits a crime, they will be punished for their past crimes, opposed to their current crime. Their class will advance, corresponding to the crime they have committed. If a person does not commit a crime for a week, they shall move down one class.

Military Law

Crimes & Punishment

(Before any punishment is reported, the offender and anyone involved with the situation regarding the crime must be contacted about it to ensure an accurate and unbiased report. Any reports issued without following this rule should be removed immediately.)

The act of attempting to commit any of the following crimes will be considered the same as committing them. 


4 class increase.

Corruption can be classified as:


3 class increase.

All Personnel must be able to respect one another. Being rude, insulting or putting on an attitude will not be tolerated. The act of attacking/being rude to an individual.


1 class increase.


2 class increase.

The act of not following orders issued by superiors or MP personnel.


4 class increase.

Treason can be classified as:


1 class increase.

Killing or attempting to kill one other is strictly forbidden unless you're within a combat training (PR/CT) or a necessary action to fulfill your duties (Guards/MP) in the protection of Senior Officers, protection of the forts, and/or necessary action to save lives.


Admin Abuse

3 class increase.

The act of using an admin command that's not listed in the above (in the handbook) acceptable admin commands will be classified as admin abuse.

Notes: Rule is excluded during fun events if deemed by the Major General himself. He will tell what commands can and can't be used.


1 class increase.

The act of stealing someone else's items, without permission, such as taking a horse and not returning it.


1 class increase.

The act of entering restricted areas where your rank/position doesn't allow you to be in, regardless of what team you're on.
This Crime now includes jumping on non-terrain models, such as trees, towers, and the church and snipping into the CA fort. 

Lying to a Superior Officer

3 class increase.

The act of fabrication and/or being deceitful towards a superior officer.


Not Following the Chain of Command

1 class increase.

The act of going to a person way up the ranks to ask a question that could have been asked to someone far below their rank.

Example: Going to the Major General for a training instead of a NCO.

To follow this: Ask any ranking NCO first, if he tells you to go to an officer then you may go to an officer. If the officer tells you to go to HQ then you may go to HQ. Be sure to show every officer+ a screenshot of the NCO/Officer giving you permission to go up the chain of command.

Note: Don't automatically report them for this. Make sure to warn them they are breaking the chain of command, tell them what it is, answer their question, and make sure they understand. If they do it again. Tell them they broke the chain of command and then report them for it. Also get them to ask a lower ranking personnel this question.

Repeated Trolling

After repeated attempts by NCOs, MPs, Officers to stop a troll then HQ may get involved in order to permanently ban this person.


4 class increase.

The act of attacking someone in an abusive and personal way. This refers to their race, sex, or gender. It must be a personal attack and not an insult. Insults fall under insolence. It can also be enforced in the discord.

Toxicity falls under attacking or provoking a group of people in any way.

This also falls under being in a discord server that has was created due to mutual hatred towards an individual.

Example: Being racist, being homophobic, or being in a group of people who all do not like someone.

Definition of racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.



Immediate excommunication.

The act of purposefully cheating or breaking the game. Any and all exploiting, regardless of its severity, will all result in an immediate excommunication from the group. This includes any types of scripts or external software that give an unfair advantage to the user. 

Anyone who assists an exploiter, regardless of whether they exploit or not, will also result in an immediate excommunication.



Whitelisted Faces
Military Law

Non-Judicial Punishments

Non Judicial Punishments may be given by an NCO+ to ranks below themselves. MP may give NJP's to their superiors. Non Judicial Punishments don't require proof. They do not have to be tracked, they will not end up on a criminal record. Non-Judicial Punishments are mandatory orders. Not doing/completing Non-Judicial Punishments will cause you to be written up for insubordination. The same goes with MP. if MP gives out a Non-Judicial Punishment, it must be followed. HQ may punish anyone within reason. Examples of Non-Judicial Punishments are:

Public apology, Extra Drills, Additional duties, Removal of certain privileges, Hell / Jumping Jacks, Map runs / Hell Laps. All Non-Judicial Punishments are not to be questioned as Corruption unless: It is given to you and you have done literally nothing wrong and can be proven, It is an extremely harsh punishment, or if it is given without clear instruction of what has been done wrong.

Again, I repeat...Non-Judicial Punishments MUST ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED.

Military Law

Additional Information

What is Military Law?

Military law (ML) is the law we use in all of our games under the group Ḉontinental Army. This law provides structure and balance. It should be expected that this will be enforce at all times in any CA games. 

How to interpret Military Law?

When interpreting Military Law you must always have common sense. If you don't have common sense then you aren't going to get far in this group. You shouldn't follow it rigorously but you should still stay in the line and not cause trouble. For instance you can be a bit immature like cracking jokes and all that. But don't go around screaming "XD poop poop head". This paragraph is mainly for MP. You may also not use this paragraph to get out of a punishment.

Questions about Military Law?

Go to a Military Police with a question about ML. If they don't know then go to a officer. If they can't answer it then we need to change something in Military Law.

What is a State Of Emergency (SOE)?

A State Of Emergency or SOE for short is basically to combat situations that can cause harm to the group. Something that could trigger a SOE is a riot or a mass exploit attack. When a SOE is triggered your rights are revoked (Check rights for more information) and admin abuse laws are relaxed (To combat the situation) but misusing the commands can get you a report. These will not happen often and hopefully never at all.

Only Major General+ may authorize a State of Emergency.

What is Honored Personnel?

Honored Personnel is an honorary title given to CA members whom have dedicated a significant amount of time and service that has aided to get the CA where it is today. Those with the role will be given special recognition and have access to the Officer Area regardless of rank. Those with the title must keep a clean record judicially to keep their role.

What happens if I'm Excommunicated?

Once your excommunicated you won't be allowed into any CA related Discords and you'll be forced to appeal on Nixpca.com. If your appeal is denied, you'll have to wait one month before appealing again. Appealing again before the one-month period is up will just result in the timer being reset. 


How the organization of the Continental Army will work. In here we will explain to you exactly how the CA functions so you can get a better understanding of it's inner workings.


Leaving Your Regiment

Leaving a regiment is common and everyone below the rank of Corporal has a right to leave their regiment whenever they please.

If a person is between the ranks of Corporal-MSGT (NCOs), they need permission from their HICOM to leave, they may be denied leave for up to 1 week with a valid reason, after which the HICOM must let them leave.

If a person is above the rank of Ensign and below the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, they need permission from the Colonel of their regiment. The colonel may deny permission to discharge for up to 2 weeks, given a logical reason, after which they must let them leave.

In a situation where it is evident that there has been an action for recruiting for another regiment using a sort of bribery or motive for speed-ranking or free-ranking, if the person chose to switch their regiment, the person of whom is trying to recruit the other person will be reported for corruption. This also applies if someone convinces another to abandon their regiment.

Leaving your regiment without following the rules that have been set by your Brigadier General or your Commanding General will result in a demotion to Militia and a Treason report.


Auto demoter & Inactivity

If you're not in a regiment for one week then you will get demoted by one rank. This is in order to make sure that everyone who holds a rank within the Continental Army is active. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you want to be inactive for a certain amount of time then you must ask for permission from a regiment officer. This is usually done in the way of an inactivity notice.


Cross Regimental Punishment

Because every regiment has it's own set of rules and punishments it's often difficult to punish people that are in a different regiment, in here it will be explained how to do it.

If a NCO / MP / Officer isn't able to deal with a crime or if it's so severe that it's worthy of a demotion then they must talk to an officer within the criminal's regiment. This officer will then decide on a punishment for the criminal.

If a NCO / MP / Officer sees a regimental officer commit a crime, they must then report it to the HICOM staff of that regiment. This must be done for every crime.

If HICOM commits a crime then MP must deal with it, they must then write up that HICOM member on the website. This must be done by a MP which holds an officer position within the Continental Army (Ensign+).

If a person commits a crime which is not in a regiment then they may be punished by any NCO / MP / Officer.





The HeadQuarters of the Continental Army consists of a (6-7) member Command Team in charge of running the Continental Army. 

A brand new member of HeadQuarters. This rank was established to be moved around frequently to assist wherever is needed at that time. Someone will remain in this rank until someone above them retires, of which they then will move up and have learned many skills during their time as the Aide-De-Camp.

Brigadier General: Has been in the CA for a long time. Over the span of that time you have most likely ran a regiment, collected all the knowledge needed in the CA, and know every inch of the CA and how it works. A Brigadier General oversees a Brigade which consists of 2-3 regiments total. The Brigadier General is essential for ensuring that the CA is run properly, and is the direct middle man between HeadQuarters and the regiments.

Major General: Has been in the CA for an extreme amount of time. Over the span of your career you have collected many highlights and acolades to elevate yourself to the rank of Major General. You have probably been in the CA for about 9+ months at the least. You know the CA like the back of your hand and you have proven yourself to be a reliable HQ member. You're typically the best member in the HeadQuarters of the CA. The Major General ensures that their subordinate Brigadier Generals are performing to their standards and ensures that all regiments and running smoothly.

Commanding General of the Continental Army: This rank holds the highest power in the CA. GodTyrant oversees and commands all operations in the CA. Simply put, the Commanding General is the leader of the CA.



LRs cannot retire. 

When NCOs retire they get automatically set to the rank of LCPL. They may choose to retire to a lower rank if they choose to. 

When Officers retire they get automatically set to the rank of SSGT. They may choose to retire to a lower rank if they choose to. When Officers retire they get the ability to get recommissioned at a later date. However, that has to be approved by the CO of the regiment they are being recommissioned into. As well as the Brigades Brigadier General and Director of OA.

When HQ retire they get automatically set to the rank of Ensign. They may choose to retire to a lower rank if they choose to. When HQ retire they get the ability to get recommissioned at a later date. However, that has to be approved by the CO of the regiment they are being recommissioned into.

Note: You may not stop someone from retiring.

Training and Drill

This chapter goes over some training and drill that you would do in regiments.

Training and Drill


Training and Drill

Gun Commands

Training and Drill

Firing Commands

When you have multiple ranks (rows), your commands will only apply to the first rank unless otherwise specified. The term "Company" is valid when directing a command towards everyone in a stagger. At the end of the training, a quiz should be conducted to make sure they paid attention. NCOs should use a Training Comms channel for Recruitment Trainings.

Training and Drill


The hardest element to understand (stagger) is what is explained in this quick 3 minute video: https://youtu.be/NEdOJ6Jf-Jw 
As a general rule of thumb, left is prioritized for formations, this means that when forming a stagger, it is done from left to right, same goes for rank order, and same goes for any odd numbers in an arrowhead.
Shoulder To Shoulder (STS)