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Handbook Military Law

You may use your rights at any time without the fear of punishment. Threatening to punish someone...

2nd Brigade

Handbook Army Organization

Second Brigade Composition of Staff:Brigade Commander - Brigadier General Bast2k 1st Pennsylvani...

Cross Regimental Punishment

Handbook Organization

Because every regiment has it's own set of rules and punishments it's often difficult to punish p...

Auto demoter & Inactivity

Handbook Organization

If you're not in a regiment for one week then you will get demoted by one rank. This is in order ...

Leaving Your Regiment

Handbook Organization

Leaving a regiment is common and everyone below the rank of Corporal has a right to leave their r...

Crimes & Punishment

Handbook Military Law

(Before any punishment is reported, the offender and anyone involved with the situation regarding...

Admin Privileges

Handbook Military Law

Enforcement of the Military Law and execution of duties may require admin commands to be used. Th...

Ranks & their powers

Handbook Military Law

NCO+ may enforce the law by using their detain tool and giving orders to people below their rank....

Addressing the ranks

Handbook Military Law

You must address Militia to Master Sergeant by their rank, you may shorten their ranks such as "M...

1st Brigade

Handbook Army Organization

First Brigade Composition of Staff:  Brigade Commander - Brigadier General M1sterTyrant7th Line ...

Class System

Handbook Military Law

If somebody commits a crime, they will be punished for their past crimes, opposed to their curren...

Additional Information

Handbook Military Law

What is Military Law? Military law (ML) is the law we use in all of our games under the group Ḉo...

Decommissions / Leaving Your Regiment

Handbook Officer Information

Only a Brigadier General+ may commission and decommission people. If anyone else commissions / de...

Becoming a Commissioned Officer

Handbook Officer Information

Becoming an officer in the CA requires much experience. An officer is the leader of the CA, and i...


Handbook Training and Drill

The hardest element to understand (stagger) is what is explained in this quick 3 minute video: ht...

Firing Commands

Handbook Training and Drill

Volley fire = Fire at the same time Parade fire = Aim 45° up and fire at the same time ...

Gun Commands

Handbook Training and Drill

EVERY command is only valid in the case that it can be reached by only pressing maximum one key...


Handbook Training and Drill

Left Face = 90° turn left Right face = 90° turn right About face = 180° turn R...

Non-Judicial Punishments

Handbook Military Law

Non-Judicial Punishments may be given by an NCO+ to ranks below themselves. MP may give NJP's to ...

Discord Rules


Officers are allowed to choose what punishment they inflict upon others, the times in this docume...