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Discord Rules

Officers are allowed to choose what punishment they inflict upon others, the times in this document are merely suggestions.

There are no temp bans, for every ban you must tell the person they may appeal on

For example: ?ban [user] Continued harassment in DMs, appeal on to get unbanned.


Any form of toxicity in the CA discord will be punished with a mute of 14 hours.

Continued harassment / bullying (in DMs) will result in a perm ban.

When an officer tells you to stop and you refuse to do so this will be punished with a mute of 4 hours in lesser offenses or an insubordination report in more serious cases.

Advertising in DMs will be met with a perm ban.

Advertising in the public discord will be met with a 3 day mute.

NSFW posts will be met with an 8 hour mute.

NSFW profile pics will result in an 16 hour mute and will be told to change their pfp.

Mass pinging for no reason will be met with a 7 day mute or a perm ban depending if it's an alt or not.

Racism / homophobia / transphobia / ... will be met with a 2 day mute.

Talking in picture channels such as #memes and #propaganda will be met with a 1 hour mute or an 8 hour mute if there was a lot of talking.

Ban evading will be punished with a perm ban.