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Non-Judicial Punishments

Non-Judicial Punishments may be given by an NCO+ to ranks below themselves. MP may give NJP's to their superiors. Non-Judicial Punishments don't require proof. They do not have to be tracked; they will not end up on a criminal record. Non-Judicial Punishments are mandatory orders. Not doing/completing Non-Judicial Punishments will cause you to be written up for insubordination. The same goes with MP. if MP gives out a Non-Judicial Punishment, it must be followed. HQ may punish anyone within reason. Examples of Non-Judicial Punishments are:

Public apology, Extra Drills, Additional duties, Removal of certain privileges, Hell / Jumping Jacks, Map runs / Hell Laps. All Non-Judicial Punishments are not to be questioned as Corruption unless: It is given to you and you have done literally nothing wrong and can be proven, it is an extremely harsh punishment, or if it is given without clear instruction of what has been done wrong.

Non-Judicial Punishments are only to be used as a substitute for a report or accidents. Refusal to do an NJP as a substitute for a report is not insubordination. 

Again, I repeat...Non-Judicial Punishments MUST ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED.