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Additional Information

What is Military Law?

Military law (ML) is the law we use in all of our games under the group Ḉontinental Army. This law provides structure and balance. It should be expected that this will be enforce at all times in any CA games. 

How to interpret Military Law?

When interpreting Military Law you must always have common sense. If you don't have common sense then you aren't going to get far in this group. You shouldn't follow it rigorously but you should still stay in the line and not cause trouble. For instance you can be a bit immature like cracking jokes and all that. But don't go around screaming "XD poop poop head". This paragraph is mainly for MP. You may also not use this paragraph to get out of a punishment.

Questions about Military Law?

Go to a Military Police with a question about ML. If they don't know then go to a officer. If they can't answer it then we need to change something in Military Law.

What is a State Of Emergency (SOE)?

A State Of Emergency or SOE for short is basically to combat situations that can cause harm to the group. Something that could trigger a SOE is a riot or a mass exploit attack. When a SOE is triggered your rights are revoked (Check rights for more information) and admin abuse laws are relaxed (To combat the situation) but misusing the commands can get you a report. These will not happen often and hopefully never at all.

Only Major General+ may authorize a State of Emergency.

What is Honored Personnel?

Honored Personnel is an honorary title given to CA members whom have dedicated a significant amount of time and service that has aided to get the CA where it is today. Those with the role will be given special recognition and have access to the Officer Area regardless of rank. Those with the title must keep a clean record judicially to keep their role.

What happens if I'm Excommunicated?

Once your excommunicated you won't be allowed into any CA related Discords and you'll be forced to appeal on If your appeal is denied, you'll have to wait one month before appealing again. Appealing again before the one-month period is up will just result in the timer being reset.