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Cross Regimental Punishment

Because every regiment has it's own set of rules and punishments it's often difficult to punish people that are in a different regiment, in here it will be explained how to do it.

If a NCO / MP / Officer isn't able to deal with a crime or if it's so severe that it's worthy of a demotion then they must talk to an officer within the criminal's regiment. This officer will then decide on a punishment for the criminal.

If a NCO / MP / Officer sees a regimental officer commit a crime, they must then report it to the HICOM staff of that regiment. This must be done for every crime.

If HICOM commits a crime then MP must deal with it, they must then write up that HICOM member on the website. This must be done by a MP which holds an officer position within the Continental Army (Ensign+).

If a person commits a crime which is not in a regiment then they may be punished by any NCO / MP / Officer.