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Leaving Your Regiment

Leaving a regiment is common and everyone below the rank of Corporal has a right to leave their regiment whenever they please.

If a person is between the ranks of Corporal-MSGT (NCOs), they need permission from their hicomm to leave, they may be denied leave for up to 1 week, after which the hicomm must let them leave.

If a person is above the rank of Ensign and below the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, they need permission from the Colonel of their regiment. The colonel may deny permission to discharge for up to 2 weeks, given a logical reason, after which they must let them leave.

In a situation where it is evident that there has been an action for recruiting for another regiment using a sort of bribery or motive for speed-ranking or free-ranking if the person chose to switch their regiment, the person of whom is trying to recruit the other person will be reported for corruption.

Leaving your regiment without following the rules that have been set by your Brigadier General or your Commanding General will result in a demotion to Militia and a Treason report.