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Firing Commands

  • Volley fire = Fire at the same time

  • Parade fire = Aim 45° up and fire at the same time

  • Blanket fire X sheets = Keep firing X times, when you are done, you must say "Done, [RANK]!"

  • Ripple fire = Fire one by one, starting from the officer's position

  • Fire & Advance = After the first line fires, the second line must advance

  • Fire at will = Keep firing, prime and loading, making ready, presenting and firing again indefinitely until given the command "Cease fire".
  • Cease fire = Stop firing for fire at will.

When you have multiple ranks (rows), your commands will only apply to the first rank unless otherwise specified. The term "Company" is valid when directing a command towards everyone in a stagger. At the end of the training, a quiz should be conducted to make sure they paid attention. NCOs should use a Training Comms channel for Recruitment Trainings.