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  • Inspections occur every month/month and a half. It is a form of drilling that it used to grade regiments from top to bottom on The Continental Army's Drill, NCO corps, Officer corps, and it's HICOM. Listed below is what to expect when attending an inspection. 

    1. Stage I of Inspections - Overall Regimental Performance with Drilling and Discipline. Examples: Firing Commands, Gun Commands, Faces, Formations, etc. In person.

    2. Stage II of Inspections - Officer Overalls/Grades. On Spreadsheet.

    3. Stage III of Inspections - Overall Regimental Grades. Examples: F=Failing Regiment. D=Terrible Regiment. C=Average Regiment. B=Stable/Above Average Regiment. A=Typically an Elite/Very Great Regiment. On Spreadsheet.

    Below this text is the NEWER example of different grading Keys that I use for Stage I of Inspections. 

    Everything is graded highly off attendance. What I mean by this is...rallying 15 members and not making a single mistake is very great. However, rallying 40+ members and doing the same thing...well let's just say the regiment with 15 members just got blown out of the water. 

    I get this question a lot...what is the highest score a regiment can achieve? The answer is, there isn't a max score. Why? It's because of attendance. For every Low ranking member the regiment is given 3 points, for NCOs it's 5, for Officers it's 8, and for HICOM members it's 10. So just for example, if a regiment rallies a total of 40 people, with there being 20 Lrs, 12 NCOs, 6 Officers, and 2 HICOM members...there score would be equal to 188. This is why attendance is so important. With a rally of 40 members and slight mistakes, a regiment could very easily score 700+ for a total score. The Blunt of your score is based on heavy attendance. 

    Based on regimental performance HQ gives you a grade of 1-8. If you got an 8, I will convert it with your attendance. So this is reffering back to big rally numbers. If a regiment with 15 members scores an 8 on gun commands, the highest they get without subtraction is a 35/45 being the max. However, if another regiment who rallies 40 get's an 8..their conversion is a high 120+ EASILY