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Crimes & Punishment

(Before any punishment is reported, the offender and anyone involved with the situation regarding the crime must be contacted about it to ensure an accurate and unbiased report. Any reports issued without following this rule should be removed immediately.)


4 class increase.

Corruption can be classified as:

  • Abuse of authority and/or position of power

  • Withholding evidence

  • Acts of bribery

  • Purposefully not reporting individuals - Example: Witnessing a crime and not reporting it. (If there is proof of you witnessing it.)
    Corruption includes Suppression of rights: Taking away regimental rights or individual rights are considered corrupt and will be charged strictly to its evidence. 
    Example - Regimental Weapons can no longer be taken from regiments. If they are taken away without that CO's permission the member responsible for taking such action will be charged for corruption. (Typically LT Col+) Another example could be refusing a member of the CA from the right to complain to a higher ranking. This is one of the most important Laws in the book and must be interpreted with full common sense. 


3 class increase.

All Personnel must be able to respect one another. Being rude, insulting or putting on an attitude will not be tolerated.

The act of attacking/being rude to an individual.


1 class increase.

  • All Personnel needs to use common sense at all times. This specification asks for good situational judgement. This basically means that a person should not do something that would clearly cause some kind of trouble or  where their actions could have some form of a negative impact. Even if it by other ML specifications is not technically a violation. They may be reported for immaturity, as it is immature and unprofessional to not think about the consequences before ones own actions. This only applies if no other part of ML is violated, as this is a lighter reason and punishment for a report, meant to close any loopholes of people simply doing something considered to be borderline crime.
    • Example: Someone is acting childish but not exactly by immaturity's standards but still doing it knowingly that it can cause problems.
  • Emojis such as "XD", and "OwO" are banned. Simple emojis such as ":)", ":(", ";)" are allowed however. For a full list of whitelisted faces check below.

  • All Personnel need to use a realistic skin tone.

  • All Personnel are not allowed to wear any kind of packages in-game.

  • All Personnel are not allowed to purposefully mess/fool around within any on-duty location.

  • All Personnel are not allowed to dance/bunny hop within any on-duty location.
    This rule is not used in Fun CA wide events, during trainings as long as you aren't bothering anyone else, and in private servers like skirmishers as long as the host allows it.

  • Spamming is also considered immature.
  • At the bottom of the page, you can find the allowed skintones, anything else can and will be counted as immaturity.


2 class increase.

The act of not following orders issued by superiors or MP personnel.


4 class increase.

Treason can be classified as:

  • Committing any Crimes against the HQ

  • Creation of underground terror groups.EG. groups that either harm or troll the group.

  • Actions that either target or aim to destroy and/or harm the group.

  • Actions that threaten the group's security and safety.

  • Recruiting for external communities and groups.

  • Leaking classified documents/information given in restricted channels (channels that anyone that is not in the regiment can not see)


1 class increase.

Killing or attempting to kill one other is strictly forbidden unless you're within a combat training (PR/CT) or a necessary action to fulfill your duties (Guards/MP) in the protection of Senior Officers, protection of the forts, and/or necessary action to save lives.


  • Killing Civilians while teamed Continental is strictly forbidden unless in self-defense and trespassing restricted areas.

  • Killing a Continental Army member as a Civilian will be counted as Murder. Regardless of group status.

Admin Abuse

3 class increase.

The act of using an admin command that's not listed in the above (in the handbook) acceptable admin commands will be classified as admin abuse.

Notes: Rule is excluded during fun events if deemed by the Major General himself. He will tell what commands can and can't be used.


1 class increase.

The act of stealing someone else's items, without permission, such as taking a horse and not returning it.


1 class increase.

The act of entering restricted areas where your rank/position doesn't allow you to be in, regardless of what team you're on.
This Crime now includes jumping on non-terrain models, such as trees, towers, and the church and snipping into the CA fort. 

Lying to a Superior Officer

3 class increase.

The act of fabrication and/or being deceitful towards a superior officer. This also applies when lying towards an MP with rank Constable+ during an active investigation.

If you lie to a Headquarters member, you will receive a 4 class increase.


Not Following the Chain of Command

1 class increase.

The act of going to a person way up the ranks to ask a question that could have been asked to someone far below their rank.

Example: Going to the Major General for a training instead of a NCO.

To follow this: Ask any ranking NCO first, if he tells you to go to an officer then you may go to an officer. If the officer tells you to go to HQ then you may go to HQ. Be sure to show every officer+ a screenshot of the NCO/Officer giving you permission to go up the chain of command.

Note: Don't automatically report them for this. Make sure to warn them they are breaking the chain of command, tell them what it is, answer their question, and make sure they understand. If they do it again. Tell them they broke the chain of command and then report them for it. Also get them to ask a lower ranking personnel this question.

Repeated Trolling

After repeated attempts by NCOs, MPs, Officers to stop a troll then HQ may get involved in order to permanently ban this person.


4 class increase.

The act of attacking someone in an abusive and personal way. It can also be enforced in the discord.

Toxicity falls under attacking/being rude towards, or provoking a group of individuals in any way.

This also falls under being in a discord server that has was created due to mutual hatred towards an individual.

Example: Being racist, being homophobic, or being in a group of people who all do not like someone.

Definition of racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.



Immediate excommunication.

The act of purposfully cheating or breaking the game. Any and all exploiting, regardless of its severity, will all result in an immediate excommunication from the group.

Anyone who assists an exploiter, regardless whether they exploit or not, will also result in an immediate excommunication.



Whitelisted Faces
  • :)     (variations on this are allowed such as (:   :-)   but not stuff like :))))  this applies to all faces)
  • :(
  • >:(
  • >:)
  • :/
  • :D
  • ;)
  • -_-
  • :o
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Skin  tones  that  are  allowed,  and  do  not  count  as  immaturity.