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You may use your rights at any time without the fear of punishment. Threatening to punish someone for using their rights will be seen as corruption. Military Police Officer+ may temporarily take away your rights during a state of emergency.

  • You may only be punished for using your rights after you have been informed that there is a state of emergency, and your rights have been revoked. 

  • Right for peaceful protest.
  • Warnings received for criminal activity only last a day and can't be used against you for any day following.
  • Each member has the right to complain to a higher rank.

  • Each member has the right to notify a Military Police member once an incident occurs.

  • Each member has a right to his or her own opinion and may exercise their opinions publicly within the guidelines in Military Law.
  • Anyone in the regiment may hold their respective regimental flag.
  • Civilians who bought the access pass may enter the base and must follow orders by Military Police Personnel. They may be killed for failing to follow orders.

  • Civilians named "CLEARED" have the same rights as a civilian who has bought the access pass.

  • Civilians named "CLEARED - DO NOT KILL" may only be killed by Military Police and Commissioned Officers and have the same rights as a civilian with an access pass.

  • Military Police have the right to enforce the law.

  • LRs members may leave their regiment or transfer at any time.

  • Officers have been given the right to Internally take care of lower ranks in their regiments.

  • All Developers, The Commanding General, and the Major General are exempt from all Military Law Listings. 

  • HQ can give out custom/HQ punishments to anyone without bias. HQ giving an easier punishment that the crime committed will be counted as Corruption.
  • Only members of the Board of Decorations have the right to hand out medals.

  • Finally. Trolls have no rights. Only the MP HICOM and HQ members may identify someone as a troll. Trolling does not count if someone is just having fun in an immature way. Trolls are repeated offenders of the same things such as disrupting CA events by breaking the Military Law, and typically "trolling."