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Ranks & their powers

NCO+ may enforce the law by using their detain tool and giving orders to people below their rank. NCO+ may give NJPs. They may use their discipline cane on someone as a warning for people that break the law, they must verbally include the reason why they hit someone. 

MPs may enforce the law whenever someone breaks the law, including higher ranks. They may handcuff a person and put him in a cooling off period, in which the MP officer may detain someone for up to 5 minutes. Leaving in cuffs during this 5-minute period will result in an insubordination charge. They also have the website at their disposal, they may not give a disciplinary order on top of a report, they may give only one. They also are allowed to put Militia & Enlistments in jail for 5 or 10 minutes following procedure after they've been given a warning. Militias & Enlistments aren't expected to know the entire Military Law and therefore should be warned first before they are put in prison.

Officers have MP powers as well; they are responsible for enforcing the law within the CA. On top of that they are responsible for law within their regiment. A Colonel may make up certain rules that must be enforced only within their regiment. Officers can use all the tools the MPs have at their disposal plus the ability to demote people not in regiments. They're also responsible for maintaining the discord and must thus have the ability to kick / mute / ban people. Officers are also expected to have loyalty to the CA and must put the CA before other groups and report any possibility of treason to HQ.

Ensigns are no longer Officers; they are now for Master Sergeants taking the OA. The rank will serve as an Officer Cadet rank of sorts. They will receive NCO rights until they pass the OA, in which doing so will they receive the rank of Lieutenant. Ensigns no longer have Officer rights. Lieutenant+ are now considered Officers. 

HICOM have the ability to set laws within their regiment, these are enforceable by regimental officers.

Only Headquarters members have permission to clear non-officers for the officer area.

Only Developers, The Commanding General, The Major General, and irongamer45 are immune to all laws, all other HQ members are not immune from ML but any reports on any HQ member will be handled by The Commanding General, irongamer45, and the Major General. HQ may give custom HQ punishments. HQ also has the power to open an investigation, in which they may compel people to give the truth. When people lie during an HQ investigation, they may be banned for 2 months from the CA. HQ is responsible for keeping the group together and therefore get special powers that are meant to be used responsibly.