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Admin Privileges

Enforcement of the Military Law and execution of duties may require admin commands to be used. Therefore some people will be trusted with admin privileges. Corporal+ may be given admin by an officer and Master Sergeant+ gets admin automatically. The rule of thumb is to use the least amount of admin commands to accomplish your goal. This means that if there is ever a situation where you are required to use admin in a way that is not listed in here then it is allowed if you can explain your reasoning and why you couldn't use alternatives. We can't prepare for everything but the guidelines below should be followed as closely as possible, to prevent confusion. Please note that you can't use these commands just because you're allowed to, you need to have a valid reason for executing any admin command. In a case where an admin command is used where it doesn't cause any harm to the CA and follows good reason, no punishment shall be served.

I. Following commands may be used by anyone

  • :n / :h - Announcements during an event. May use to tell people to go out of the fort and fight or leave the opposing side's respective spawn point. (When used during events on places such as skirmishes :h is used to warn people and communicate to another team or thing accordingly, :n is used of the conclusion of an event as of for example saying GG, or having to pause a match.)

  • :team - Team someone during an event. Officers may use on BH to switch teams.

  • :temp (Corporal+ may be given admin training, they must ask to be given admin first however.)

  • :pm / notify - To tell someone where to go or contact during an event.

  • :unff

  • :clear - Clear clones

  • :re (You may only :re yourself)

  • :recruitmenttraining / rt

  • :give - Only for regimental tools or a regimental flag. (Officers only, MP LR to NCO are not allowed to use :give)
  • :to - To get behind a barrier into a RT. Must have a reason to do so and consent from the other party.
  • :name - To be able to name clones or name a Civilian cleared (If they have a pass or cleared by HQ)
  • :startergive me handcuff (Officers only, used to save time)

II. The following commands may be used during training.

  • :heal - Heal damage during an event.

  • :change - To change leaderboard stats in events.

  • :resetstats

  • :god - god a clone or user during an event

  • :clone - Use as a target in some events

  • :bot - Use for moving targets
  • :name - To name clones during events

  • :pff / :dlff / :drff - Used during recruitment trainings

  • :to / :bring¬†

  • :makeserver NAME / :delserver NAME / :place NAME

  • :health - Used to health people or clones during an event
  • :view / :watch / :rv - To see where someone is on the map
  • :startergive - Only startergive yourself tools that you would need. NOT WHAT YOU WANT!
  • :music - Only on skirmisher during an event that is on a private server. Also may be used during a CA wide event with HQ's permission.

III. The following commands may be used for law enforcement purposes. (MP or Officer+)

  • :view / :watch / :rv -To watch another person to see if they are committing a crime.

  • :track - To locate where said user is on the map to track them down.

  • :warn - To warn them to stop doing what they are doing.

  • :alert - If user can use it. To warn someone to stop what they are doing if they didn't stop with :warn

  • :kick (Felonies only) - Only necessary when you have told them to stop repeatedly and have jailed them.

  • :ban - Only used when someone is exploiting, trolling, or when the person you have kicked came back to the game and is still committing crimes.

  • :jail - To create a box around someone to stop them from moving. Used if you have two people you need to detain or if someone is running from you.

  • :bring - To bring someone if they are across the map or running from you.

  • :to - Teleport to someone when they are breaking the law.

  • :chatlogs / :joinlogs / :remotelogs / :exploitlogs / :killlogs / :klogs/ :guilogs - Self explanatory

IV. The following commands may be used by a Brigadier General+

  • :setmessage

  • :fly

  • :removetools

  • :name

  • :shutdown

  • :startergive¬†